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Max2Play offers a browser based administration interface for mini-computers which are linux-based like the Raspberry Pi. Max2Play-applications, so called Max2Play-Plugins, can be installed and administrated on your mini-computer without any Linux knowledge. The controls can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer. It is not necessary to connect a mouse or keyboard to the mini-computer.

There are free plugins and premium plugins available. You get access to the premium plugins with a valid license. Over 30 plugins are available for different setups and varieties of usage of the Raspberry Pi.

Max2Play Plugins

  • Bluetooth (connects bluetooth speaker with audio application of the Raspberry Pi)
  • Raspberry Pi Touch Display (installs various display sizes)
  • Jivelite (adds visualization to control the squeezebox playback)
  • Multisqueeze (controls several squeezelite player concurrent on one device)
  • HiFiBerry (sets up the chosen HiFiBerry sound card)
  • WiFi and LAN (contains setups to connect with WiFi and LAN networks)
  • Audio player (configures the audio player Squeezelite and Shairport)
  • Music Player MPD (music player MPD including the YMPD web interface and Ampache)
  • DLNA server (transforms the Raspberry Pi into a DLNA server)

The image will be constantly extended with new plugins. Updates can be made directly through the web interface.

Fields of Application

There is no comparable solution for multiroom audio areas, meaning the setup of music player in differnt rooms. With the help of additional audio cards for the Raspberry Pi it is possible to use Max2Play for high end sound with easy integration and control to combine different systems. With Max2Play you can control the Raspberry via web interface. Without programming skills many configurations are possible e.g.


  • Audio and video player (Airplay, Squeezebox, MPD player, Kodi)
  • Multiroom audio setup (Squeezebox server + player, many instances of squeezelite player on one device with mulitsqueeze)
  • Setup of sound cards e.g. HiFiBerry
  • Wireless Access Point (Portable audio server/player with own network)
  • Touchdisplay contol
  • Bluetooth (music streaming for bluetooth speaker)
  • Home Automation (presence recognition, Call Blocker)
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The 16 GB micro SD card (class 10) contains the pre-installed Max2Play image with a 1-year license. The enclosed manual explains the easy configuration of Max2Play. After plugging the SD card into the Raspberry Pi, the license needs to be activated. Afterwards you will have access to all of the plugins for personalisation of your device.


Max2Play is easily expandable with its many plugins for individual necessities. Tutorial videos, how-tos and the Max2Play forum introduce popular use cases and support you with implementing your own projects.




(You will be directed to ComputerAudiophile where we have centralized our support center)

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