Lamp Kit


1 Year



Use the LAMP as a night light on your bedside table, or just have it sit on your desk, as it lights up your working area!

The LAMP Kit uses RAINBOW 32 / 64 programmable pixels that you can code, and have it fade through all the colors of the rainbow. Use it to reflect your mood, or have it fade through colors that match sunset and sunrise.

You have the option of purchasing the Lamp alone, or add the Rainbow to it!


Includes The Following:


  • Clear frosted front layer
  • White middle layer
  • Yellow lamp fitting insert
  • Clear back layer
  • White PCB holder
  • 2x white legs
  • 6x M3 nylon bolds and nuts
  • 4x M2 5x5 M/F metal standoffs
  • 4x M2 5x12 F/F metal standoffs
  • 8x M2 5x8 screws
  • Rainbow 32 or 64 (included or sold separately)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero (optional)
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